Tai Choo Tack


Tai ChooTack is known as Tai or “Excel Sifu”.  Accumulating 23+ years of corporate and training experience, his career expands as a Computer Programmer, Software Architect, SAP Consultant, Project Manager and PMO Manager.

Here is a little secret; while Tai himself did not attend any formal Microsoft Excel classes, he acquired the skills and knowledge through self-learning. One thing that pushed him on was his personal belief that continual improvement is part of a self-learning journey. He is living proof of that belief and uses it as he guides participants to form their own solutions.

Regular feedback from participants proves him to be inspiring in his nature, relating his trainings and teachings with the practical side of the corporate world. Known to be trainer and a teacher who instils the essence of learning and practicality.



Excel Automation is SO SIMPLE!!

Many think automation in Excel is technically complex and difficult.  This session lets you see and experience how easily you can automate routine tasks in Excel.

The best part of this?  The techniques tested work from Excel 2010 to the most recent version, so you don’t need to worry that the things learned won’t be applicable to your version of Excel.

Excel Virtually Global is an independent conference and is neither sponsored nor approved by Microsoft.


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