Oz du Soleil



Oz du Soleil is a 5-year Excel MVP who has spent over 20 years working with Excel / cleansing data.  Oz is known for his YouTube channel Excel on Fire, where his videos and style of training have become popular for their fun, drama and way of bringing swagger to the data world.

Oz is a popular instructor on the LinkedIn Library and has written and collaborated on several books and projects including:

  • Excel Insights – A Microsoft MVP Guide to the Best Parts of Excel
  • Excel Data Cleansing Straight To The Point
  • Cleaning Excel Data With Power Query Straight To The Point
  • Guerrilla Data Analysis Second Edition

When Oz isn’t elbows-deep in the guts of a spreadsheet, he performs storytelling around Portland, Oregon.  He has told stories onstage for Risk!, Pants on FireSeven Deadly SinsPickathonThe Moth and other storytelling shows.



Keeping Your own Fake, Random & Inoffensive Data: Why, When and How

Fake / dummy data is invaluable when testing solutions or generating content for training.  There are a lot of websites for downloading fake data but sometimes it’s not exactly what you want, and sometimes the developer will include distasteful entries like 197 Crazy Uncle Street.  Alternatively, they’ll require you to download a file every time you need more data.

NO!  STOP!  Maintain your own random data generator that’s dynamic, trustworthy, easily accessible and exactly what you need.

This session will cover ways to keep and maintain your own bank of data using formulas and dynamic arrays.

Excel Virtually Global is an independent conference and is neither sponsored nor approved by Microsoft.


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