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KEN  PULS,  FCPA,  FCMA,  is  the  president  of  Excelguru Consulting  Inc,  a company  dedicated  to  helping  users  get  the  most  from  their  data, as well as a founding partner of  His passion lies in exploring tools to turn data into information, and teaching others how to benefit from them.  Ken is a blogger, software developer, author and trainer with over 20 years of corporate accounting and IT experience.  He is one of the world’s leading experts in Microsoft Excel, Power Query and Power BI, and provides live and online training to clients around the world.  In   recognition   of   his   contributions, Ken   has   held   the   prestigious Microsoft MVP distinction since 2006 in both the Excel and Data Platform categories.



Several Ways from Sunday

Six ways from Sunday” is an English expression which has evolved to mean “a great many ways”.  In this session, we won’t be exploring six ways, nor will we be starting from Sunday… but what we will explore is multiple methods of allocating values over different date periods with Power Query.  Specific use cases that will be demonstrated include allocating sales values to different months based on:

  • Days elapsed between two dates
  • Number of whole months between two dates
  • x Months from the Sale date

Join Ken to see how a mix of native Power Query functions, custom functions and conditional logic can be leveraged to take control of your allocations!

Excel Virtually Global is an independent conference and is neither sponsored nor approved by Microsoft.


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