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Jon Acampora is the founder of Excel Campus. His goal is to help you learn to use Excel more efficiently so you can save time with your job, impress your boss, and advance in your career through his articles, YouTube videos, and immersive online training programs. Join him and grab your free gift at When he’s not writing macros or building financial models, Jon enjoys spending time with his wife and kids at the beach in Southern California.



5 Secrets to Understanding PivotTables

  1. PivotTables help us quickly summarise and analyse data
    • PivotTables are a great alternative to building reports with complex formulas
  2. The four areas of the PivotTable are not created equal
  3. PivotTables filter and calculate the source data for each cell in the Values area
    • The Rows and Columns areas create a unique list of items in the PivotTable
  4. The most critical step to using a PivotTable is getting the source data in the correct layout
    • The process of transforming the data into a tabular layout is called normalising or unpivoting the data. This process is now easier with Power Query
    • All values of the same type or metric should be in a single column
  5. To enable all features of a PivotTable and prevent errors, we must make sure the source data is properly formatted
    • We can use Excel Tables to make it easier to update our source data with new data.

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