David Monroy


David is a Senior Program Manager on the Excel team at Microsoft. He loves Excel because it offers endless possibilities for end users to create, analyze, and share quantitative models or applications. David has worked on several Excel features, including Excel data types from Power BI, workbook links for web, formula errors, and file performance and reliability, among others. David’s experience with Excel started as an end user – before joining the Excel team he was building complex spreadsheets as a supply chain planner on the Microsoft Surface team, and as a management consultant before that.



Organization Data Types and Power BI Connected PivotTables

Join us to learn about the latest Excel and Power BI integrations: connected PivotTables and Organization data types. This session will show how you can use Power BI datasets in Excel leveraging enterprise-grade access control and governance, including row-level security (RLS) and Microsoft Information Protection (MIP).

Excel Virtually Global is an independent conference and is neither sponsored nor approved by Microsoft.


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