Boriana Petrova



  • Excel
  • Power BI
  • Power Pivot
  • Power Query


Microsoft Certified Trainer with more than 20 years’ experience as an IT instructor and Consultant.

Certifications: Місrоѕоft Оffісе Ѕресіаlіѕt Маѕtеr (МОЅ Маѕtеr), Місrоѕоft Сеrtіfіеd ІТ Рrоfеѕѕіоnаl (МСІТР), Місrоѕоft Сеrtіfіеd Тесhnісаl Ѕресіаlіѕt fоr Місrоѕоft Рrојесt Ѕеrvеr (МСТЅ), Місrоѕоft Сеrtіfіеd Тесhnісаl Ѕресіаlіѕt fоr Місrоѕоft Рrојесt (МСТЅ).

Five years Microsoft MVP for Excel.

In 2008, Boriana was awarded among the TOP 25 best instructors in Microsoft World Company business evaluation and measurement by Knowledge Advisers.

Boriana has been featured as a speaker at numerous international Microsoft events.  Some of the locations include Bulgaria, USA, Spain, Netherlands, Australia and the UK.

She is the founder and administrator of the user group Microsoft Office Bulgaria for Microsoft Bulgaria, and was also the founder and organiser of “Bulgaria Excel Days” – one of the biggest global events dedicated to Microsoft Excel.

Owner and CEO of the company for Microsoft Training and IT business consulting – ITraining Ltd.


  • Excel
  • Power BI
  • Power Query
  • Power Pivot



Analyse data across different periods with DAX.

This session is how to create data model and use time intelligence functions to analyse data. The topic contains three main points:

  • Create Date table using different way
  • Analyse data with standard time intelligence function
  • Analyse data with custom periods.

Excel Virtually Global is an independent conference and is neither sponsored nor approved by Microsoft.


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