Alan Murray



Alan is an Excel & Power BI trainer based in the UK, and best known for his Computergaga blog ( and YouTube channel.

He organises the London Excel meetup with events run both online and in-person monthly in London. It is a great Excel community with 2,000+ members.  Alan is also the author of “Advanced Excel Success”, a book that focuses on helping Excel users take the next step in their Excel skills development.


COUNTIFS Adventures – Fall in Love with COUNTIFS in Excel

In this session, we go on an adventure through some advanced uses of the COUNTIFS function in Excel.

COUNTIFS is one of the most versatile functions in Excel. Primarily used for producing results for reports such as ‘how many complaints have been resolved in the last 7 days”, but it’s helpful in so many other scenarios too.  These other scenarios are what this presentation will focus on.  The session will cover comparing lists, ranking values with conditions, working with duplicate values and creating shrinking drop-downs.

Warning! You will fall in love with the COUNTIFS function.

Excel Virtually Global is an independent conference and is neither sponsored nor approved by Microsoft.


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